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Lagoon Tour & Snorkeling with Lunch Maohi Nui

Lagoon Tour & Snorkeling with Lunch

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Built in the Polynesian tradition, the outrigger canoe is made of wood, and painted in a beautiful yellow color. The engine is maintained in excellent working condition, due to the regular visits of a certified technician. The outrigger canoe reaches the highest standards of quality and security, and is legally covered by the required insurances. Lifejackets are at one’s disposal on board.

Leaves and flowers decorate the canoe and protect the visitors from the sun. In case of rain, raincoats are also at one’s disposal. To enhance comfort, cushions cover the wooden seats. The guides have a long and rich experience as boat captains, guides and musicians. They all have first aid certificates, which allow them to react quickly and efficiently in case of problems during the tour.

With Maohi Nui, comfort and security are the first concerns.

¾ Day Lagoon Tour with Polynesian Feast

Schedule: 9:30am to 2:30pm

Private circle island lagoon tour, 5 hours long (including lunch), with ukulele animation and informations on history, culture and nature of Bora Bora.

The morning is similar to the 1/2 Day Lagoon Tour including the snorkeling in a coral garden, observation of black tip reef sharks and the meeting with the rays.

Around 12h30am, we serve the Polynesian feast on a private island (motu). Lunch is prepared by two cooks, in a traditional earth oven made with volcanic rocks, and covered by banana leaves.

The guests watch the opening of the oven, and listen to the explanations of the guide. The table is set in the lagoon, with an umbrella to protect guests from the sun. On the menu: suckling pig, chicken with local spinach, manioc, plantain bananas, bread fruit, raw fish salad with coconut milk, and finally a traditional dessert made with bananas and vanilla, as well as fresh tropical fruits.

It is possible to replace the Polynesian lunch by a BBQ: fish, chicken, spiny lobster (subject to availability), polynesian vegetables, raw fish salad with coconut milk, tropical fruits.

The lunch comes with a good bottle of Moët and Chandon champagne, or red/white wine depending on the guests’ preference. 

Full Day Lagoon Tour with Polynesian feast

Schedule: 9:30am to 4:30pm

Activity similar to the 3/4 day lagoon tour, but following a more flexible schedule, with more time for each activity. After lunch, visitors can take a walk to the coral reef, swim, relax, go back to the lagoon for manta rays observation, go to the local art and kraft market, etc! The guide can also give basket weaving lesson, as well as traditional dance or pareo tying… The guide is pleased to satisfy the wishes of the guests. Pleasure and relaxation garanteed!


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